Way of the Ninja. A block-level element creates blocks of content like paragraphs. tells the browser that this document is HTML5. In the style.css file, we mention the font and color of the h1 tag like this. For example, if there is a button image here: Responsive design makes use of a CSS module called media queries. Click the edit link. Zombs Royale. CSS gives you the flexibility to apply styles to specific parts of the document. Change Server. This helps them serve the right web page when a user issues a search. For example, imagine we have a sub heading called “American history” in a long document about world history. (There are, h1 to h6 levels of headings), Most HTML tags are in pairs since they mark parts of the document. Comments. “..” represents the parent folder. A web page which is properly organized in a clear, logical manner is much easier to maintain than a jumbled up web page. Here are some references to continue pursuing your endeavour building a beautiful web! h1 tag is the top most level heading. Finally, it is assumed that you have some working knowledge of Jav… href=’/folder/page.html’. Similarly, marking the navigation section (