Network: FOX. From Amy's Baking Company to Dillions, here's the best episodes via IMDb. Chef Ramsay attempts to do the impossible: turn one ordinary and empty restaurant into the most popular, sought-after venue in town. And not because of a terrible owner or an unclean kitchen as in many others but because the owner was passionate and hard working and the kitchen was clean. Episode List. They remained open for 8 years with great success. Downcity can be counted as one of the best Kitchen Nightmares episodes due to the emotional roller coaster both on screen and you go on whilst watching it. It's run by a man and a woman who apparently only bought Zeke's from the original owner after he died to Hurrican Katrina. Back in 2004, I remember watching the first ever episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on Channel 4 with my mum and my love of the show started there. Peter took money from the till whenever he wanted and let the kitchen decline into disrepair. But not enough to not wear a blue shirt during the episode? votes. Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse (Season 5, Episode 13) The restaurant at the center of this episode is over … Chef Gordon Ramsay is hitting the big city in an attempt to revamp an Indian restaurant called Dillon's and make it one of the hottest venues in town. #7 - La Gondola. Bus Boy Pat believes he is the manager but he has been fired many times and bugs them until they rehire him. Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 1: Where Are They Now? The cheap tat burns so ferociously that the Fire Department swing by to control the fire. Like most restaurants in this list, The Fish and Anchor is a family business-- run by a husband and a wife nonetheless, named Mike and Caron. Oceana from New Orleans is apparently in a good spot right now and they probably have Ramsay to partly thank for that. Even Dr. Phil had to chime in on the couple's problems. Is it just me who thinks they probably had enough material for a whole season at La Galleria 33? Now we're back to families and their restaurant businesses. Find out if Ramsay can help pull the establishment from the brink of failure on the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares. Find out if Chef Ramsay’s guidance was taken seriously or if his advice was tossed in trash in the all-new “Revisited” Season Finale episode. He doesn’t believe in taking corrections from anyone, even Ramsay. Coupled with the fact that it's a pizzeria with a delusional and spoiled owner, it was a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, we have Netflix to help us out in our quest, but with so many series to choose from, you might spend hours browsing and still not being able to decide! This proved to be the pub's undoing; he kept trying to incorporate fine dining elements into an English pub along with some fancy food. Ramsay travels to Scottsdale, Ariz., to help the owners of Amy's Baking Company. Find out if Chef Ramsay can help turn this restaurant around. The BEST Episodes of Kitchen Nightmares (US) Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes! In this series, Ramsay will hit the road to help many a struggling restaurant find the path to success in just one week. The episode was rated #5 Best episode Chef Ramsay heads to Mama Maria's in Brooklyn. Real Housewives: Which Villain Are You, Based On Your MBTI®? Now we're back again in the US, specifically in New York. The owner of this California pizzeria is one of the most tyrannical bosses you will ever encounter. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The episode is a spectacle you can’t look away from. It's a similar situation to that English pub/fine dining restaurant back in the UK but 10 times worse since they lie about the food freshness. Chef Ramsay is in for a challenge when he heads to Everett, WA, to visit the Prohibition Grille. Fiesta Sunrise was such a memorable episode. The owner himself is the one who cooks the food and decides everything else. This Kitchen Nightmare episode sees Gordon Ramsay pitted against a delusional, stubborn, and egotistical couple who are owners of a failing establishment called Amy’s Baking Couple in Scottsdale, Arizona. How they came into business together no one knows? That’s why I made this list to help you out. I just don't know how any restaurant owner would think it is a good idea for them to do a belly dance during dinner service. HBO Italian restaurants are usually run by families and with good reason; it allows them to preserve their traditions and food. Cry and cry? The culinary master visits another restaurant struggling to keep its doors open. It came to a point when Zeke's no longer had any redeeming quality left; the food was awful, the staff was being abused, and it was losing money on all aspects despite all the budget cuts. For one, it's a vegetarian restaurant in a place where people are dominantly meat-eaters. See Also: 12 Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes You Should Totally See Again. The staff was always fighting with the family owners and everything was on the verge of collapse. Her Bio, Songs, and Net Worth, Shiloh Dynasty: Everything You Don’t Know About Him- 5 Fast Facts, Color Me Badd: Where Are The Members? He bragged about his pizza but served frozen pizza dough and was convinced was the best pizza around. The episode was rated #4 Best episode Find out if Chef Ramsay succeeds in updating the restaurant's image or if it will remain stuck in its old ways. One of them has alcohol problems and even drinks in the restaurant while the other is an escapist and runs from all her problems. For La Galleria 33, however, it seems its luck ran out on its current generation of inheritors; in this case, it's two vastly different sisters who got the restaurants from their parents. The BEST rated Episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. Their daughter Cheryl, who lived at home took a liking to Gordon but I get the impression she would have eaten him alive. The turn around by the end was what the show is all about. Capri earns a place on this list due to the incredible transformation of twins during the episode. Chef Ramsay heads to Redondo Beach, Calif., to try and save Zayna Flaming Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant plagued by substandard food and owners playing the blame game. TV Reality Shows 551 You know the restaurant is going to be a bad one, when Gordon says a prayer before he samples the food.