The spring and autumn months of April and October bracket the season for many parts of rural Scotland. The entire country gets covered in golds and browns, making hiking and cycling a pleasurable task! The high season is in the summer, from July – August, but the crowds will be quite high, and there are chances of rain as well. For information on positions and how to apply, please visit our travel careers website. You can share the above illustration on your site via this link. No elements found. You must be extremely excited to plan your Scottish vacation, but before you go, you need to know what the best time to visit Scotland is. Elsewhere, events such as Highland Games, folk festivals or sporting events – most of which take place in the summer months – can tie up accommodation, though normally only in a fairly concentrated local area. Consider changing the search query. Answer 1 of 5: We are interested in traveling around Japan (definitely Tokyo and Kyoto - open to other suggestions), and are wondering when the best time to go to avoid crowds/high prices. However, many sites close for winter from mid-October. We could cover most of the places in the itinerary. Temperatures are warmer by spring, with averages of 43°F-59°F, although there will still be snow in the mountains of the Highlands and the Cairngorms. Your entire vacation is designed around your requirements, Select your preferred style of accommodations, Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists, All our specialists have traveled extensively or lived in their specialist regions, The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish, Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one, Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available, Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into their country. This is the high tourist season in Scotland, meaning this is when most of the tourists descend upon the country. Autumn is always a good season - and in Scotland, especially so. This is the best time of the year to visit Scotland for great weather, with little to no rain, and clear blue skies with a tinge of chill in the air. This is a shoulder season, so there won’t be too much of a crowd. You can also expect a lot of rain towards January – February. Whatever the reason for your visiting Scotland, it is necessary for you to know the weather in Scotland, so that you know what activities you can actually engage in during this period. I am definitely recommending these guys to anyone who wants to visit Isle of Skye. Prepare well in advance, and book all your accommodation months before the travel, so you get a good deal. However, this makes this the liveliest season in Scotland! July and August are the warmest months but they are also the months most plagued by tiny biting insects. It’s a relatively dry month and can see beautifully crisp, clear and sunny days. The extremely cold weather, abundance of snow and the gloom will definitely put off any traveller! Our detailed brochures feature trip ideas and travel experiences recommended by our specialists. August in Edinburgh is Festival time, which dominates everything in the city and means accommodation is hard to come by. Planning to travel here? The best time to visit the Caribbean. Read on to find out. The most famous of Scotland’s Highland games, the Braemar Gathering, is held in September just north of Pitlochry. The holidays across Europe and England mean that the tourist population will descend on Scotland, pushing up the prices of accommodation and tickets. If you’re out and about in the countryside throughout the summer, you won’t be able to avoid the clouds of small biting insects called midges, which can be a real annoyance on still days, particularly around dusk. Save up to 50% on tours and trips. Expect ferries and buses to be running full, as well. Despite the schools returning, this is still a busy time of year to travel. This is when nesting season begins, and the birds begin to descend on the country! Thanks Macbackpackers!”. Interested in a career in travel? All you can do is carry multiple layers of clothes, so you’re prepared for every adventure! The crowds begin to disperse from late October. It is a popular tourist destination and it is no secret that the Isle of Skye can get very busy, especially during the summer months when large numbers of tourists visit the island. Winter is not the best time to travel to Scotland. In the Highlands and Cairngorms, snow remains on the mountains but the lower slopes may begin to melt. The high season is in the summer, from July – August, but the crowds will be quite high, and there are chances of rain as well. Scottish history and culture is definitely a huge draw for the tourists, but there are a number of modern attractions you should not miss out on either - including outdoor music festivals, world-renowned restaurants and more. Go tailor-made! Scotland is a land of legend, fantasy, and mystery. The Highland Games feature heavy athletic events such as tossing the caber, tug-o-war as well as dance competitions and piping. This is the hottest part of the year, but the chances of rain are higher. The summer months (June through August) are the warmest of the year, with extensive daylight hours in July and August the further north you go. 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom Start planning your tailor-made trip by contacting one of our Scotland specialists. Our travel experts will respond within 48 hours. ... Go to Scotland or Wales. Burns Night, a celebration of national poet Robert Burns, is on the 25th of the month and is usually observed by poetry readings accompanied by whisky and haggis. Edinburgh Festival Fringe is held throughout August, coinciding with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a spectacular military parade in front of the castle. The chances of rain are really low during this season, so the weather in Scotland will be perfect for outdoor activities. Sign-up now for special travel deals and insights available to members only. Many Highland games are held in May and June, although these do continue through to September. You can enjoy big discounts on travel and accommodation during this season, especially in rural areas, which shut down after this season for the winter. Written by our specialists, our destination brochures are not only designed to showcase the countless beautiful places you can travel to, but also to help narrow down the many choices you're faced with when planning a trip. The best time to visit Scotland is in spring (May – June), and fall (September – October). 2019 was so-so.) A large number of attractions, tourist offices and guesthouses often open for business on Easter weekend and shut up shop after the school half-term in mid-October. This the peak ski season in certain slopes of the country though. This is peak summer in Scotland, with temperatures averaging at around 19°C (66°F). My smile in the pictures will tell you how happy I was all the while :) St Andrew's Day, held on the 30th of the month, is a celebration of Scotland’s patron saint, marked with feasts, music and dancing. The Isle of Skye in the North of Scotland is one of the most beautiful spots on this planet. Edinburgh is beset by icy winds from the coast, and much of the country is under snow, especially the mountainous areas. So, that’s about as much as you may need to know about the best time to visit Scotland. Call one of our experts or arrange a video appointment for ideas and advice. Rural accommodations also shut down for the season, so you won’t be able to explore the smaller areas in Scotland. Beltane is held at the end of the month, a pagan fire festival marking the end of winter. The Isle of Skye is a scenic island known for its rugged and dramatic landscapes. In the south of the country temperatures start to rise and spring begins to emerge. There will be plenty of snow around the country - not just the Highlands. How to avoid the crowds in the UK - how Brexit will really affect our holidays in Britain and in Europe.