With chocolate desserts or savory items like blue cheeses, walnuts and dried fruit, these rich and high octane wines can’t be beat. To begin with, forget what you think you know about dessert wines because what’s available has changed drastically in recent years, and is no longer your granny’s “Port” wine syrup or cream Sherry. Check out the following 8 best dessert wines and the different foods that they pair well with! The tree fruit and citrus of the wine bring out even more zip from the lemony top of the dessert, while the buttery oak is a natural companion to the rich, flaky crust beneath. Despite a slow and steady rise among American foodies, dessert wines are still getting the short end of the booze stick, often losing to well liquor as a dessert companion despite the existence of a perfect off-dry wine for everything from cheesecake to Almond Joy bars. The Kiwi standard for Sauvignon Blanc has far more fruit to it than its greener, Old World cousins, and that has a lot to do with why it’s so popular today. Kate Neumann fills the donut holes with fruit jams or chocolate ganache, then rolls them in sugar and spices as soon as they come out of the frying pan. The caramelized deliciousness of classic tarte tatin is also worthy of Sauternes. Fruit-drenched ruby port has just the right sweetness, spice and silky texture for milk chocolate mousse, s’mores, or chocolate-dipped strawberries. It creates delicious dessert wines. These types of wines are often used in cocktail recipes for flavor. Rich fruit and a welcome burst of acidity. Pairing the right type of dessert with the right type of wine is a great way to magnify the flavors in both the dessert and the wine. Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. Desserts with red fruit fillings (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries) and jam or cream fillings are also excellent pairings with sweet red wines. Though it comes in many styles, a ten-year Port from a well-known producer (like Fonseca, Dow, or Sandeman) is the easiest and most reliable Port for everyday desserts. So, take a look at these 7 amazing dessert and wine pairings and get ready to turn on the romance! Wine Pairing: Madeira. Tawny ports, sweet Madeira, raisiny Pedro Ximenez sherries are all perfect choices. You can also choose varieties like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. San Francisco, CA I throw words at the walls of Wine Folly’s channels until something sticks, like a fistful of verbal spaghetti. Sweet red wines are still a great option for pairing with dessert although they have begun to decline in popularity recently. And with Valentine’s Day upon us, we are ready for some sweet talk…. From neighboring Spain, Sherry is an elusive, often oxidized, wine that can be made either dry or sweet. Add sparkling fireworks to this creamy classic. Like pairing red wines with red meat, there are simple guidelines for combining solid and liquid desserts for the tastiest results. With sweet, fruity desserts like crème brulée or raspberry cheesecake, the complex and tropical flavors of Sauternes are second to none. Late harvest or icewines are sensational matches, like, A first-of-the season Okanagan peach pie with a medium sweet Moscato like, How about Pavlova? They usually pair well with desserts made with fruits such as nectarines, peaches or apples. Riesling Pinot Blanc grapes make honeyed, succulent wines with high voltage acidity to match fruit. And now back to the business of how to pair dessert and wine. This dessert is caramelly, nutty and amazingly crispy. This is true whether you’re serving a $20 bottle of table wine or a $4,000 bottle of Petrus. This means that all the sugar in the ripe grapes has been completely converted to alcohol, and you do not taste any sweetness on the wine’s finish. Are you ready for V-Day? When you’re shopping for the right dessert wine, you don’t have to limit yourself to vintage Fonseca or Yquem (although these are foolproof selections). If the food itself is most important, then you may have to save some of your best bottles for a different party. No Desserts Tell us about your favorite dessert and wine pairing. The harvesting of the grapes is susceptible to the weather, rot and hungry animals. VinePair Happy Hour: What Are You Drinking on Thanksgiving and Where Will You Buy It? Next, consider the flavors of the remaining wines on your list. These are the types of wine that you may find too cloying on their own but that match beautifully with desserts. Pairing wine with dessert has historically been thought of as a challenging process, but experimentation both at home and among experts in the food and wine industry has led to various pairings that have not only stuck around for good measure, but are actually shockingly delicious. DESSERT: WINE PAIRING: Alcohol-Flavored (Baba au Rhum) Bual or Malmsey, but if it has a rum-flavored cream filling, try a crisp fruity wine like a Vouvray Demi-Sec. Spice and sweetness combined, with a little tanginess on the side. Wine Pairing: Madeira. The truth, however, is that a great number of amazing oaked Chardonnays exist in the world, and their versatility is one of their greatest strengths. Try some great salted chocolate and fine BC red wine in New District’s Valentine’s Day Wine Lover’s Duet. By investing in the right bottles and finding wines that complement the flavors of each dessert, you’ll end all of your holiday parties on a high note this year. Pairing dessert with sparkling wine is a classic move that people still enjoy today. In order to take your favorite holiday treats from ordinary to extraordinary, you’ll want to look for very sweet wine styles that still have layers of complex flavors. Photo Credit: Pexels CC user Viktor Tasnadi. From nutty, caramelized pecan pie to spiced gingerbread cookies, the holiday season is chock-full of decadent desserts. https://winefolly.com/wine-pairing/7-tasty-pairings-for-dessert-and-wine And in a pinch, they’ll even impress as chocolate syrup substitutes in adult ice cream sundaes, complete with cherries and rainbow sprinkles. then you can actually make dry red wines work, as long as they are fruit-forward and have medium to full body. The Best Dessert Wine Pairing for Holiday Classics . Not the easiest dessert for wine, given the numbing cold and creamy texture, but icewine has the muscle, sweetness and persistence. Think of the difference between tart, fluffy strawberry shortcake, and gooey fudge brownies — the chocolate brownies have exponentially more sugar than the fruit-laden shortcake. Riesling Pinot Blanc grapes make honeyed, succulent wines with high voltage acidity to match fruit. First, look at the residual sugar of the wine you want to serve; this isn’t always the easiest information to find. Because fortified wines can be both sweet or dry, they pair well with different types of cheese. If you love really bitter chocolate – like 85% – (chances are you drink black coffee and Negronis!) The wine must have as much (or more) sweetness as the food, Match the weight of the sweet wine you want to serve with the dessert, Mirror or contrast the flavours and texture. However, some unexpected varieties, like Pinot Noir, Riesling, and even some bottles of Merlot can lean toward the sweeter side of the spectrum as well.