Almost as I don't know Stuff like this happens once in two or three blue moons But not Often. I also learned that saving the document will also fix the problem for a short while

If you have any feedback on our support, please click "". They are great for skimming through data. She has to closed the entire excel file and then reopened it for the arrow keys/typing to work again.

I'm marking the reply as answer as there has been no update for a couple of days. I checked the code line by line and it was wsXXX.Protect Password:="xxx" that did it. so we modify the PreviewKeyDown event handler like below: Page scrolling using Key Board Arrow Keys is not working in Windows Web Browser Control. you may check some 3-ty program or add-in if who caused it. Please let us know if you would like further assistance.

By accidentally doing the correct thing.

Clicking over to a new tab (or creating a new We already tried uninstalling and reinstalling office and updating it but it didn't help as this issue happened today (we reinstalled a few weeks ago when she told us this was happening). George Zhao Thank you so much. Most often I am modifying a value in a cell, sometimes editing a formula, but often just changing a data value We have a client machine that doing the same. Following up on previous post/request. You may be within a cell in a different excel workbook. This is one cause, there may Also, Please provide a solution on Implementing scroll option by using Key board arrow keys.

________________________________________ why this workbook is different.

Like others here, if I select another tab and go back it clears the problem. Did you REALLY just tell the OP that s/he KNOWINGLY posted inappropriately? and obnoxious. Usually, when the Scroll Lock is disabled, arrow keys move you between individual cells in any direction: up, down, left or right. Excel arrow keys stop working (NOT SCROLL LOCK). If my reply has helped, mark accordingly - Helpful or Answer. My theory is that s/he was doing the best s/he could and telling him/her to do it appropriately is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. It must be a bug. Weird. When the macro changes to view a worksheet with Panes set, most times the arrows will not change the view. . Perfect, succinct outline to the solution of my problem. (Windows 10). I have a VBA sub that's triggered on Worksheet_Deactivate. tab if one doesn't exist) and then clicking back to the original tab does seem to restore cursor key functionality but that is a work around and not a resolution. We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. So, this is NOT the usual "press the Command + F14" so please read first. I had the same problem but this is what I did to fix the problem. NOTHING moves.. arrow keys are dead... even the mouse wheel will not move anything on spreadsheet..  true, you can raise the KeyDown event when the arrow keys are pressed. It is MORE than annoying and very "scary" if working on a large sheet and all of a sudden your keyboard input is seemingly ignored.

5. until it randomly comes back.

Therefore you CAN'T SEE IT.. Scrolling up and down works correctly. Some key presses, such as the TAB, RETURN, ESC, and arrow keys, are typically ignored by some controls because they are not considered input key presses. I copied out the cell contents to a new workbook and it works fine. I toggled it off and it fixed the problem. It didn't matter if the line was in the sub module or Worksheet_Deactivate, as soon as the script protected the sheet I lost the ability to move cells, Whenever Scroll Lock is enabled, we can use the Excel arrow keys for scrolling through our worksheet without affecting the highlighted cell. I do not see Fn - thank you! Could you please let me know the reason why the scrolling on page when used with windows Web Browser Control cannot be achieved by using just arrow keys similar to IE?