Help! The Xiphos of Peleus is another sword that’s worth tracking down. The only problem will be getting the darn thing as there is some RNG involved. Then the Hades Bow is a great alternative. Honestly seems like there are enough of these to boost your Crit chance to 100% but I don't have enough to test myself at the moment. But it also adds 15% onto assassination damage, too. At the top of the list we have a legendary spear known as the Falx of Olympos. Arachne’s Stinger changes your weapon damage to poison damage, so you don’t need to pour skill points into the Venomous Attacks ability to give your enemies a poisoned debuff. Chest location: Underwater Palace of Amphitrite, north-east of the island of Thera (southeastern part of the world map). There is something that you can do to keep yourself safe, however. Recommended for You: How To Get: Found in a chest in the Palace of Amphitrite. Falx of Olympos Location This guide shows you a legendary chest location in AC Origins. The Minotaur’s Labrys is useful for a number of reasons. Much like the Minotaur’s Labrys, you will need to complete multiple quest lines before you can obtain this weapon. The legendary Falx of Olympos spear that can be found in one of the more distant areas of the game world is quite similar to a cursed weapon. Specifically the "+100% Damage but Health Capped To 25%"? This makes it the ideal weapon for stealthier players, who want to take down a fort with minimum fuss. The Hammer of Jason is found in a legendary chest on the bottom floor of a building in Mycenae fort in Korinthia. Want to turn your lousy wooden bow in for an upgrade? In addition to the standard-looking stats, this weapon has one unique feature - you can inflict 100% more damage, but this is at the expense of reducing the hero's health bar by up to 75 percent. And that’s arm yourself toe to tip with an arsenal of legendary weapons. The bow is borderline worthless unless you specifically build into it or have a crit build that can make it worth a damn. Its primary perk is a 100% boost in damage dealt, but it caps your health to 25%. Feeling the need for steed? To get it, you will need to raise your bounty level until a mercenary with the title "of the Ashen Wake” appears. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Took about anywhere from 10-40 reloads for each piece. At the top of the list we have a legendary spear known as the Falx of Olympos. Enemies are damage sponges even when you're rolling the Falx of Olympos buff. Its signature ability increases your damage by 100% in exchange for capping your health at 25% of its maximum value. Not only is it fun to wield, given its laughably large size in comparison to your character, but it’s fantastic for using alongside the shield break perk, as it deals 20% more damage. A Falx of Olympos Build I am really happy with - For Assassins and Hunters // Discussion. Sure enough rolled different stats. The Falx of Olympos is both the most unique and powerful weapon in the spear category, if not the entirety of the game, thanks to its legendary engraving. The most significant of these is its perk that reduces the adrenaline cost of overpower attacks. I spent a lot of time after end game playing with this spear to try to get the most out of it while still accepting the challenge of using it. Poisoning not your thing? Perfect rolled for a Fire Warrior Build imo. I'm on 120k assassin damage, don't know about the other two and don't really care. Then go to the Cave of the Forgotten Isle and finish the Stairway to Olympus mission. The best advantage of using the Bludgeon is its 25% damage boost on elite enemies and bosses. This means you can strike an enemy once and still do damage to them over time. There are bounty hunters out to kill you, deadly chickens that can peck you to death, and dastardly pirates patrolling the seas looking for a scrap. +Crit Chance on Low Health work with Falx of Olympos Engraving? 1 Most Powerful: Falx Of Olympos While it is an all-around beautiful looking spear, you’d have to make some tough choices if you choose to wield the legendary Falx Of Olympos. Seems like, assuming you focus on one the damage kinda tops out around 10K on Hunter amd Warrior damage. For more gaming coverage, follow @RedBullGames on. Every decision in my life is based solely on which option I think will be funnier in the long run. Written by 360GameTV. This is a difficult fight, because of the character’s poisonous bow shots and attacks, but completely worth the extra effort when you consider its effects.