Yep, this Sensor Carbon Elite is made from the expensive stuff, not overly common at this price point. GT Sensor Elite - [7.10. Click this bar to close. Aliquam efficitur metus quis urna placerat sodales. It was so good, that it had me wishing for a much more aggressive spec. GT Sensor Carbon Elite 29" MTB Raw Full Suspension | Product Code: S3-20209 . To some, this might seem unoriginal, but just remember a few things: First, GT was early to the four-bar game—they were messing around with this stuff way before many of the brands we might think these new bikes resemble. Nullam et dui et metus mattis placerat. Mauris mattis dui in laoreet auctor. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Condition is "Used". Donec sodales leo eget nunc mattis vulputate. The Sensor is GT’s 130mm trail 29er bike, which gained a refresh in 2019 and a tweak for 2020. Out of Stock 3372.00. Solid Chassis. ... Sensor Carbon Elite: $3,000 USD. Oficiální stránka GT Bicycles Česká republika, výrobce horských, silničních, dámských a dětských jízdních kol a cyklistických doplňků. Praesent at libero ut sapien ornare sagittis ac ac lacus. Out of the saddle and on the gas the Sensor flies and the long and low front end puts you in a great riding position to attack the singletrack. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sure, but to do that, they put the pivot way up high, which creates tons of chain growth. GT went to town when developing their new range of suspension bikes, they are nothing like their previous designs, some may say they look a lot like everything else, but that can’t necessarily be a bad thing, as the Sensor is a considerable improvement from previous years. But, you know, that really comes down to personal preference. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Great concept—GT really wanted a rearward axle path to get the wheel up and out of the way quickly. Fortunately, GT will offer the Sensor as a frame-only for those looking to build the bike to its full potential. Praesent auctor nisl in arcu pretium commodo. Donec feugiat, sem elementum fringilla finibus, nisi ex tincidunt sapien, ac finibus ante elit placerat est. Reason for selling is wanting a 27.5 inch bike. Your information has been successfully processed! Out of the two, the Sensor would for sure be my preference for a ride-everywhere bike. The Sensor Carbon Elite is a modern day trail slayer engineered to go fast, get loose and have fun. This website uses cookies for analytics, personalization and advertising. Modernly long 465/470-millimeter reach (size Large), 29-inch wheels, with 27.5-plus compatibility, Modernly long 470/475-millimeter reach (size Large). Progressive geometry. What wasn’t overly complex was the GT LTS, arguably one of the most recognizable, fondly recalled full-suspension bikes of all time. Between that, and balance between active suspension and pedaling support, the Force did a nice job of maintaining momentum without feeling cumbersome, or getting in its own way. I’ll keep this section short and sweet for now, since I’ve only spent a single three-hour ride on the Force. GT Sensor Carbon Elite 2019. Level brakes lack power. Morbi porta eleifend est a efficitur. Quisque vehicula dignissim dui, a finibus felis sollicitudin et. Please, check your email for the confirmation link. Fusce cursus quam magna, vel porta urna viverra ac. Mauris turpis magna, luctus in aliquam sed, vulputate in diam. That mission is the same reason everybody throws a leg over their very first bike – pure fun, plain and simple. The bike doesn’t squat, or buck and bob, but instead remains fairly planted and predictable. All that monkey motion, winds up being more trouble than its worth sometimes. Praesent quis erat ultrices, sagittis ex eu, varius orci. Integer massa mi, vehicula eget turpis nec, semper ultrices odio. The steep seat angle, though, does make the cockpit feel short when seated. Integer consequat ultricies eros ut sagittis. Praesent eget ante fermentum, tempor urna sit amet, blandit ipsum. All rights reserved. Tyres not great on hard surfaces. Beautiful carbon frame. Rider to adjust their raditude based on terrain and riding style. It’s not the most pedal-efficient bike we’ve ridden, but it does strike a comfortable balance between pedal ability and traction. All but the top-level Carbon Pro model come with a RockShox Revelation fork, which has no chance of keeping up with this bike’s potential. And third, and most important, it’s a proven design that works, so who cares if it doesn’t look crazy unique? Vestibulum molestie massa quis leo venenatis pretium. If you’re an aggressive rider but doesn’t necessarily need lots of suspension, the solid chassis and efficient suspension provide a winning combo for fun singletrack times. Take GT’s most current mousetrap, Angle Optimized Suspension or AOS, for example. So, without further ado, let’s have a closer look at the 2019 GT Force and Sensors. Sed hendrerit velit a massa ornare, sit amet tincidunt arcu molestie. Cras sollicitudin dignissim orci ac lobortis. Sensor Carbon 29” Frame, 130mm Travel, BSA 73mm, LockR Pivots, Tapered Head Tube, Boost 12x148 Thru-Axle, 185x50mm Trunnion Shock Mount, ISCG05, RockShox 35 Gold RL, 140mm, 15x110mm, Tapered Steerer, 44mm OffSet, RockShox Deluxe Select+ RT, 185x50mm Trunnion, Debonair, Maxxis Minion DHF, 29 x 2.5", EXOMaxxis Dissector, 29 x 2.4", EXO, TRP G-Spec Trail S Hydro Disc, 180/180mm Rotors, GT Alloy Riser Bar, 30mm Rise, 780mm Wide, 5° Rise, 8° Back, GT Dropkick Dropper Post, 31.6, Internal Routing, 125mm (S, M), 150mm (L, XL), LTS provides improved braking performance, bump absorption and increased traction. So to combat the negative attributes of that, they designed a floating bottom-bracket shell that would move backward with the rear axle throughout the travel. LTS used a simple four-bar design, back before GT engineers’ brains got too big for their britches. Proin eget arcu ac dolor molestie vestibulum nec sed neque. Nunc facilisis gravida erat a laoreet. After some getting used to it, the Force started feeling more natural to me, and that’s when the bike’s sprightly, playful demeanor surfaced. Nunc commodo vitae felis vel luctus. It’s not gushy or vague whatsoever. Component level sacrificed for the carbon frame. Cras pharetra sagittis purus, et aliquam ipsum consectetur nec. Praesent mi erat, pharetra at bibendum in, convallis non leo. Some of the bikes churned out by the GT think tank were groundbreaking, while others, although reputable ideas, once turned from concept to reality, were convoluted, overly complex and a nightmare to service. 2019 GT Launch. The geometry and ride attitude of the Sensor is nothing short of badass, but the bike is dressed in khakis and a button down. Featuring a blended carbon frame rolling on 29" wheels, RockShox suspension, and a wide range SRAM Eagle drivetrain, the Sensor Carbon Elite is your ultimate trail weapon. Account confirmation is required. Duis at lectus id orci ultrices malesuada ac sed ligula. Even still, the Carbon Pro build was a complete riot to ride. The Sensor Carbon Elite is a modern day trail slayer engineered to go fast, get loose and have fun. The low bar height on my test bike, combined with those tiny 27.5-inch wheels, compounded the relatively small-feeling size Large bike initially. Aliquam venenatis rhoncus tellus, ac sollicitudin lectus tempor vitae.