Additionally, the region has been hit by many hurricanes over the last 170+ years, including four major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricanes. Dennis '05, Ivan '04, Opal '95, Michael '18). Figure E-2 shows landfalling hurricanes in the conti-nental U.S. for the period 1950-2004. Aug. 26, 2008, second update Florida Drenched by Tropical Storm Fay Credit: NASA/JAXA > Larger image Although it wasn't an especially powerful storm, Floridians won't soon forget Tropical Storm Fay, which left many parts of the state under water. This is taken from NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS TPC-4: THE DEADLIEST, COSTLIEST, AND MOST INTENSE UNITED STATES HURRICANES FROM 1851 TO 2004 (AND OTHER FREQUENTLY REQUESTED HURRICANE FACTS) 2019: The 2019 season yielded 18 named storms, six of which became hurricanes, including three major ones (Category 3 or higher, with maximum sustained winds of at least 111 mph.) The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season is when many of the tropical cyclones formed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2008. 1 Only the highest Saffir-Simpson Category to affect the U.S. has been used.. And while Hurricanes Ike and Gustave in 2008 were destructive to U.S. soil, they fell just short of that major hurricane status, as the Washington Post points out. ... As many … Harvey is the fifth Hurricane since 2000 to … Even hurricanes that make landfall in places such as Pensacola, Panama City, among other places, can be felt here (e.g. 2019 and 2018 Hurricane Seasons. Tropical Storm Arthur formed two days early on May 30, 2008. Although a hurricane hasn’t directly made landfall in Texas since 2008, the state has experienced its share of heartache from large hurricanes. Synopsis Ike evolved from a tropical disturbance that moved off the west coast of Africa at the end of August. The depression quickly strengthened into a tropical storm later that afternoon. It also might kill more people -- a lot more. Sarasota. If such a hurricane took the same path now, head-on into Miami, it would cause more than twice the damage that Andrew caused. The season started on June 1 and ended on November 30. Barry became a hurricane on July 13 in the Gulf of Mexico as it moved toward the Louisiana coast. It killed 16 people and was one of eight hurricanes … Hurricane Michael had maximum sustained wind speeds of 160 miles per hour when it made landfall in Florida Panhandle in October 2018. Frequency of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in Southwest Florida F During the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season there was a total of sixteen named storms: 16 tropical storms, 8 hurricanes and 5 major hurricanes. On the morning of September 1st, a tropical depression formed approximately 1750 miles east of Puerto Rico. Figure E-1 highlights some of these hurricanes and storms with paths similar to those of Hurricane Charley; these hurricanes are described below.