I really don't know if any certificate and prove it. Apart from how soft, light and plush the goose down feels, it also optimises warmth regulation to help keep us cosy for the whole night! The unique baffle-box construction ensures the Australian wool fill is evenly distributed around the quilt, helping eliminating cold spots and improving breathability for a luxuriously soft and … It refers to the weight of the quilt filling. GSM applies to Feather, wool and Organic Mulberry silk quilts only. The material will also dictate how easy it is to wash the quilt. It has all the benefits and breathability of wool, but has a little less filling so is not as warm through the summer months and can be used all year round. In case you didn’t know (because I learnt something new with this! Below are Fill Power examples to help you decide the best Quilt for your needs: In addition to Fill Power, Fill Weight is another indicator of a quilt’s warmth. So how do you decide ‘which quilt is best for me? They also won’t loft as much as other types. But turns out it is not enough. For Down quilts, the warmth is measured in Fill Power. Or raid grannies linen cupboard. Our Pure New Australian Merino wool is among the most highly regarded fibres in the world. Wool View All. It does not apply to accidental damage, misuse or neglect. Divide the weight by the size and see if it equals or exceeds 500. There are many important factors to consider such as the filling, how it feels, and of course the aesthetics of wanting your bed to look amazing and comfortable. Search Function Not Working? Ok – the next option is Duck Down! It does not cover faults or defects arising from incorrect use. We would like to offer 7 days satisfaction guarantee from the date of your item being received. Ok drum roll please… our last option is the man made fibre quilt: a great option for those with allergies, or if your quilt it likely to require regular washing because synthetic fibres are often more durable than natural ones. Warmer months either a light Australian wool quilt can be ideal, (See Jason Australian wool quilt 300GSM) or an Australian cotton quilt. This denotes a quilt… Considered to be the healthier choice of all bedding materials, Organic Mulberry Silk is a luxuirous, delicate natural product, which helps to regulate body temperature. Made with the finest cotton percale cover, filled with 500gsm of washable Australian wool, its perfect for those cold nights. Down is the light and fluffy layer found underneath the feathers of waterfowl. Down is also well-known for its ability to draw excess moisture away from the body preventing any excessive clamminess and sweating – ensuring you have a healthy night’s sleep. As Duck down is a natural fibre (plus biodegradable! If you suffer from allergies, we’d highly recommend the Organic Mulberry Silk, Australian Wool, and Down Quilts. When sleeping with an Organic Mulberry Silk Quilt, the quilt tends to drape over you, contouring your body whilst you sleep. Heavier than Down and Silk Quilts, if you prefer a cosier, more ‘tucked in’ feeling with optimum comfort when you sleep, then a feathered quilt may be the perfect one for you! Hungarian Goose Down Quilt- All Seasons Quilt Types Temperature Range ), Goose Down performs the highest in warmth to weight ratio when compared to Duck Down, Wool, Bamboo, Cotton, and other synthetic fibres. With a two layer design, our Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is perfect solution for summer conditions or for sleepers who tend to get hot in bed. Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. Cost effective At Luxor Linen, we believe that wool is the ideal fibre for quilts. I thought the 500GSM is enough for the winter that is why I bought it. I’d love to hear your favourite below! Find out more about Shipping and Returns policies. As someone who has been through a divorce I can tell you the electric blanket is way cheaper. Great for year-round usage So there you have it – a guide to choosing the best option for your quilt this year and beyond! Wool is easy to clean and maintain, as well as being durable and long-lasting. Or a snuggle buddy, saves on electricity! Samsung Q800TAWXXY Versus Q95TAWXXY if Price Were Similar. Temperature range: -15°C to +15°C (800+ Fill Power or 15.0 TOG), Organic Mulberry Silk Quilt- All Seasons For those sleepers who are like extra warm in cold sleeping environments. 500gsm Wool Quilt 500gsm Australian wool fill. Minimum payment of at least $40/month required. As a friend of mine says, you don't need to buy the whole pig to get a bit of sausage. To approved customers only. I only put it on the bed about three weeks ago, and I'll probably use it no later than the end of August on average. Buy everything you want today and pay over time, with no interest ever! I have a 500GSM wool quilt originally bought from here: Where on earth do we start with allll the different quilt options out there? If I use a winter quilt and turn the heating off it's too warm —around 21 degrees— when I go to bed and too cold at around 10 degrees according to thermostat at 6AM in the morning when the outside temperature is around 2 degrees. We firmly believe that, when buying a Quilt, you should take the climate you are sleeping in into consideration. Lightweight Mulberry Silk warmth is shown by weight in GSM. A medium weight quilt designed for Australia's cold climates. years ago, and its been brilliant. Temperature range: 5°C to +25°C (700+ Fill Power or 10.5 TOG), Canadian Goose Down Quilt- All Seasons The perfect Silk Quilt will only be made from long strands of Mulberry Silk as it is completely natural Silk. Filled with 100% Australian wool and covered with 100% white cotton japara fabric with a total fill weight of 500GSM (grams per square metre). Temperature range: 15°C to +25°C (4.5 TOG or 200GSM), Duck feather Quilt- All Seasons Quilts are natural and sustainable. Or because it is not really 500GSM? try kmarts $40 doona. Inside a coastal apartment on Manly’s water’s edge, Inside Guy Sebastian’s New Freedom Kitchen, Inside Designstuff’s dreamy new Melbourne showroom, Inside California Nails salon, Barangaroo, 5 Minutes with Sydney Stylist Angela Reynolds of Harmonia At Home. Fully machine washable, cotton percale cover and filled with 250GSM of Australian Cotton this quilt is perfect for Australian nights and beautifully constructed to keep temperature even. Melbourne weather, so a bit colder than up north. So… you might be wondering, what about wool?!! With its unqiue characteristics, Down will help improve your experience of sleep - acting as a natural insulator to keep your body temperature even. its bloody awesome. Below are example of GSMs to help you decide the best quilt for your needs: 240GSM is best for the Summer Climate