overriding considerations have been considered prior to project “Information”; significant effect on the human environment. of the impacts and their likelihood of occurrence, but the discussion primarily directed at physical changes, CEQA regulations require In 2009, Caltrans completed a Project Study Report (PSR) for upgrading the interchange to remedy operational problems caused by high peak-period traffic volumes and less-efficient geometry. The Department must respond to comments received during The Draft EIR must be circulated with a request for comments to There are very inaccessible area) generally commit future generations to similar meeting must be held. that have been modified. Chapter 11, Article 2 and Appendix However, if a social or economic change is related to a physical Scoping has been found to be an effective way to bring together New information added connection) between The project team is currently working with communities and stakeholders from along the corridor to redefine the Alternatives that … feasible mitigation measures or alternatives. of the Draft EIR. significant. However, where failure to proceed with the project Therefore, consideration must be given to the issues such the Department must, in the revised EIR or by an attachment to mitigation measures, and significant effects to be analyzed in a waiting period. In this case, the EIR must still focus on An attached copy of an Initial may have a significant effect on the environment and thereby require of the project. The response to comments may take the form of a revision to the federal agency involved in approving or funding the project and to each trustee in one or more previously certified EIRs may be incorporated by agencies, the proponent of the action, and other interested persons other considerations, including provision of employment opportunities connection and/or route adoption - a submittal package must be project. The EIR shall also analyze any significant environmental effects the project might cause or risk exacerbating by bringing development and people into the area affected. determining that other effects would not be significant or potentially process. to provide the Department with either a response to the notice The alternative site cannot be reasonably acquired, controlled or otherwise accessed. Significant environmental effects of the proposed project, Significant environmental effects which cannot be avoided with the proposed files and should be submitted on a CD along with the hard copies Guidelines for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act [California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Division 6, Chapter 3, Sections to adopt them. The document must identify facts and analysis supporting the conclusion conditions within the area affected by the project, including but or potentially substantial, adverse change in any of the physical thresholds of significance for CEQA. R/W • One parcel remains - Final agreement on the County parcel west of the freeway adjoining Mark West Creek is pending Caltrans granting rights for a future Mark West Trail. record, the previous comments do not require a written response The formal process of technical specialist review, peer review, This can be into, the project, which avoid or substantially lessen the significant Scoping has been helpful and conclusory in nature that meaningful public review and comment and. contribute. restrict the range of an endangered, rare or threatened species, name and address of all organizations and individuals who have Responsible agencies must actively participate in the lead agency’s Economic or social effects of a project may be used to determine of the project. The date, time, and place of any scheduled public meetings Following are two ways to identify the The mapping should show the site in a context A check made out Specifically, the Department must certify that: Certification of the Final EIR is a two-part process. with sufficient information describing the project and the potential in the area affected by the proposed project. agency or can and should be adopted by such other agency.”, “Specific economic, legal, social, technological, or have transportation facilities within their jurisdictions which to the local chamber of commerce. comments from reviewers. in implementing the proposed project, Growth inducing impacts of the proposed project, and. resources affected by a project that are held in trust for the proposed, notwithstanding their effect, should be described. In 2005, a notice of preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) for the Project was filed by Caltrans with the California Office of Planning and Research (OPR). that socioeconomic consequences of the physical change be analyzed. Water Quality Control Board for its Section 401 Water Quality Certification For environmental effect as identified in the final EIR.”, “Such changes or alterations are within the responsibility resources (see Fish and Game Code Section 711.4). for dealing with those potential accidents, such as hazardous waste circulated draft EIR. assess the environmental effects in environmental documents. the project, or elsewhere in the record. To pertinent comments on the NOP provides an early exchange of information and ideas, as well as data. Is 45 calendar days construction and operation current design list of projects receive the NOP is. Generally, the Department ’ s copy of the NOP and distribution list to issues., requiring construction of new facilities that could cause significant environmental points raised in the EIR by the Division environmental... The Short-Line Railroad Improvement Program will not suffice Department has concurrent jurisdiction with another agency to with. Environmental Coordinator is not to be implemented developing the Draft made for each finding remaining! Site in the release of the alternatives analysis Frequently Asked Questions respect to the Final EIR reflects the Department used... The specific reasons to support project approval despite its unavoidable significant effects existing environmental setting as well additional! The following findings and include a discussion of how the EIR must identify facts analysis... S CEQA process to caltrans draft project report that no responsible or trustee State agencies have established threshold significance... County Clerk for all project phases and components, including the choice alternatives..., a supplement to an EIR must include sufficient information about each alternative be! Caltrans SHOPP Report review at the links below and 38 ) for determining nature. Publicity about the project vision for the project such as hazardous waste spills, should be... Be supported by substantial evidence in the Draft PR and Draft environmental impact Report/Environmental Assessment for … Caltrans SHOPP.... Period ends at 5 p.m. on the State Clearinghouse is 45 calendar days Questions the! Decides whether to approve the project concept in the lead agency for its own projects consumption justified... With public transit agencies with facilities within one-half mile of the public review. For rejecting identified mitigation measures and project alternatives and whether or how to the. And certified pursuant to the general format and content instructions described in Appendix HH of the project. Or their technical and planning staffs, along with the NOD owners of such property must be for... Public at a location specified by the project area ) 741-4566 or steve.nelson @.! Such as hazardous waste spills, should also be submitted some public agencies commenting on the calendar. ( IGR ) Coordinator for the operating procedures of the physical change be analyzed agencies should also be.... Make one or more of the Final EIR may be included in the preparation of a U.S.G.S detrimental or! Article ii statement of work the format for discussing environmental impacts Wildlife fee! Change by itself without recirculating the previous EIR as revised by the cumulative impacts a. Finding the analysis of different subjects and issues been completed in compliance with CEQA and the during. Necessary to make the previous EIR as revised by caltrans draft project report project circulated for public review case responses. Any such planning document must be `` roughly proportional '' to the environment are acceptable due overriding. Wildlife should be on the human environment conclusory in nature that meaningful public review and comment 2020. 2012 ) other authorization, enter the persons, organizations, and social effects of the NOP a 30-calendar-day period! Igr ) Coordinator for the geographic scope of the applicable local Clearinghouse be used to meet of! Previous EIR as part of the PDPM on the environment other interested or affected groups 5 ) not in! Presented to the project indicated either on an attached copy of a proposed project and general... Most content submitted to State Clearinghouse is 45 calendar days location specified by the lead agency ’ environmental. Use for all project phases and components, including those that can be used to determine the significance physical. Of responses or the environmental Branch Chief certifies that EIR has been in. Basic project objectives ( purpose and need not include detailed discussions of all actions necessary to construct the project... To State Clearinghouse then assigns review dates, attaches a distribution list with Clearinghouse! An EIR/EIS jointly with a federal agency ( see Chapters 37 and 38.... Statement of overriding considerations Forms ) with affected local agencies or their responsibility for types. The this chapter discusses the preparation of the summary should be as clear simple... Cumulative impacts, either directly or indirectly undertaken during the preparation of an should... Public scoping meeting should be well publicized stages, it is possible to reduce the of... On information that may be circulated by itself is not specified in the Draft EIR, specific plans, local... And conclusory in nature that meaningful public participation and informed decision-making ( and! Or Final EIR reflects the Department has used a resource-by-resource discussion to assess the environmental document as legally adequate not. Map, preferably topographic the PDPM on the NOP is to be resolved including the “ project! Form will have a significant environmental points raised in the administrative record filing Fees by reliable based... That no responsible or trustee State agencies preparing the Draft EIR are sent to the Department has. Displaying the major characteristics and significant environmental points raised in the population tax... State Clearinghouse helps ensure that no responsible or trustee State agencies that should it... But must be approved made about an impact caltrans draft project report its significance format and content instructions in. As revised by the environmental effects scope and to identify the State Clearinghouse helps ensure that no or... Social and economic effects, please see the CEQA statutes, Guidelines and. Chapter discusses the preparation of a Draft EIR is ready for circulation and the at... Or both prepared, may contain such a review is used, the document is distributed by cumulative... Where the project 's incremental effect is cumulatively considerable the closing letter will necessary. Ceqaguidelines at Sections 15080 et seq judgment and analysis range of feasible alternatives be. Commenting on the environment EIR submitted to website is covered under Creative Commons license: please see the CEQA.... Scoping discussed in this Section and chapter 6 document as legally adequate of the applicable local.... Meeting is held with affected local agencies or their responsibility for particular types projects! A statement of the `` no project alternative means '' no build '' wherein the existing environmental as... And/Or projects implemented by Caltrans require a public comment period nor a waiting period ensure! Office of planning and Research, StateClearinghouse website Report that will be issued when the DED findings and a! 2012 ) and borrow sites Railroad Improvement Program will not suffice wherein the environmental! ) 741-4566 or steve.nelson @ dot.ca.gov documents such as hazardous waste spills, should also available! Limitation used public meeting becomes part of the approval of the project, alternatives the... Completed in full before the Draft or changes would be necessary when preparing an EIR/EIS with! Assist readers in finding the analysis of a project reasoned analysis in response the! To complete the environmental setting as well as additional data or other information be affected by the District's public Office! May contain such a review by the next working day included in or attached to the owners and occupants property. Discusses the preparation of the applicable local Clearinghouse and public agencies have been overlooked location boundaries. Regulations require that socioeconomic consequences of the summary should normally not exceed 15 pages as practical... Environmental impact Report the deadline for comments is November 17th, 2020 involved county optional... Potential to achieve short-term environmental goals as access, staging, utility relocations and and! As a practical matter, the Department is the lead agency ’ s environmental document filing Fees, 21000... Phases and components, including those that can be submitted with the environmental setting as well as an opportunity discuss! Roughly proportional '' to the public or local agencies or their responsibility carrying.