But, the board does have a pretty gnarly feel for slides. That solved it. For hardcore street riding, though, you may choose to swap them for slightly harder bushings (e.g. When you are finished with that, you Now located in an independent warehouse, we sell high quality longboard skateboard gear and set the bar for best customer service. I'm thinking of getting it for some techsliding, street, and park riding. Orange links to add the Being the lowest cast TKPs on the market, Polar Bears are an awesome addition to some already incredible boards. I've ridden it and I gotta say I was disappointed. I can't seem to find any reviews on this board. And we pronounce it "me-ew-er". Landyachtz also own the highly reputable Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels brands, so all Landyachtz complete boards come with these high-quality components. Review your More of a square tail as well. This board has just completely changed my mind about Bustin and I look forward to trying and reviewing more of … All the bearings here are high quality. If you have any more questions please comment. It's more like a skateboard than a long-board. All these elements participate in the street vs cruise vs speed balanced mix. Good length, 35" is manageable, I think the 37 might be too much for someone looking to hybrid skate (unless you are larger) and the 33 would be too small for me (like I said, 6' tall). A friend suggested I get a board with twin kicks to use to commute to uni when I go. checkout! FAQ; Contact; Cart; Español; Basket / €0,00 The big double kicks, stiff flex, and mild concave let you easily snap ollies and kickflips, as well as ride skateparks, pools, and ditches. Cruising, They offer a nice cruiser feel (and even shape for the Perfecto) while staying trickable, fast, flowy, and stable at some speed. Slap on some hard wheels and the Loco transforms into a great technical slide board. He’s kind of the Mario of the longboard world, if you don’t know what that means, brush up on your Mario Kart. – L You’ll learn about their more popular models as well as the overall quality of their boards and parts. things you're missing. My own favorite setup runs on those, and after breaking them in, the wheels really roll on forever. This tapered deck features a long and functional kicktail combined with sanded wheel wells. This lets you shift more weight on your front truck for higher leverage and faster riding, including downhill. Check them out! Any Landyachtz Loco 35 reviews? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Perfecto is the widest and one of the two longest in the series, at 32 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Loaded Kanthaka & Kut-thaka Review: Shrinking The Freestyle City Slasher. It looks interesting because you first think it's a traditional skateboard but upon second take you can tell it's a little longer but not by much. I'll try to get some up by the end of the day. If you dig directional cruiser skateboards you're going to love the Dugout from Landyachtz. Add to Cart button anywhere on this page. Downhill. Hey fellow boardrider, want to post a comment or question? The added fiberglass top sheet stiffens and greatly strengthens the decks while keeping them lightweight. The shape of the tails also give it lots of good pop. Review your parts above or below. will be ready to add your custom longboard to the cart and Landyachtz’s ATV hybrid boards are a mixture of cruiser and traditional skateboard. So the Landyachtz ATV delivers what it was designed for, which is to let you mix several styles of skating – urban travel, carving, ollies and kick tricks, freeride – on various kinds of terrain. This also makes the board more expensive. They have heat-treated axels, machined hanger shoulders, precision threading, engineered bushing seats…. Include spacers ***Photo credits:Featured image & product photos: Landyachtz. If it applies, choose the option that best suites you from ... (1 review) $149.95. Founded back in 2005, MuirSkate started out as a 400 sqft shop at UCSD's John Muir College. After two years of skating on and off i could land one out of ten ollies. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. is to pick a truck labeled Recommended below. The slightly wider width shouldn’t make too much of a difference, but the slightly rear-loaded taper is friendly for those who are surfing the street. This makes the loco stronger. For personal recommendations, check out our Wheel guides for Landyachtz 2020 ATV-X Ditch Life Coast Skateboard Pre-Assembled Complete. Switched out the Khiro 98a barrels for some 90a Venom Eliminators. This board is similar to a 8.5" street skateboard but it contains 9 plies instead of the regular 7 plies of a street skate. In my opinion the only benefit of the Loco is it’s slightly cheaper (Bustin Yoface 35” = $139 AUD vs Landyachtz Loco 35” = $109 AUD) But in my opinion it is well worth the extra $30. There are actually 3 different shapes for the Landyachtz ATV, named Laguito, Presidente, and Perfecto. 31" x 9.75" (1 review) $158.95. Different trucks have unique carving styles. The decent wheelbase and TKP trucks on the ATV make it quite stable and easy to slide on when riding down medium hills. 6 years ago. Every trick I landed off center I got thrown off within .01 of a second. 6 comments. Although at first sight, the ATV decks may look like regular skateboards, they are built using a hybrid of 7-ply maple, epoxy and fiberglass. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the longboarding community, Ask your questions in the Daily General Thread, Press J to jump to the feed. The wider front assists in reminding newer riders that leverage should mostly come from the front foot, leading to some naturally stable riding. share. The Loco Series is Landyachtz's street boards ready to shred whatever you can throw at it. for increased durability. You can even put some smaller trucks and wheels on the board to skate the bowls, park, and the streets. Was luckily enough to swap for a Comet Sakamoto right before it shipped. Regular Landyachtz skaters will perhaps recognize some of the shape work done here, coming from their previous Loco series. Have you been eyeing out a Landyachtz board? At 31.5″ x 8.6″, the Presidente version is a tad wider and slightly shorter than the Laguito. Thanks! The Specs The extra layer also adds snappiness and durable pop to them. With the success of the Loco series, Landyachtz seems to have gotten hooked on creating skate-inspired decks with a slashing twist. They are affordably priced between $149 and $179. The Presidente has a slighly more directional shape than the Laguito, with a bit wider tail and a bit narrower nose with a chisel shape. The ATV caters to the need of those who like to skate as a way to recreate while commuting. the drop-down list below. The names pull inspiration from the mexican-themed Landyachtz Loco graphics. Some riders refer to swap the wheels for slightly bigger, 63mm wheels to better absorb ground imperfections. Click on the It’s best-suited for riders with smaller sized feet. The trucks are very responsive. Ridingboards.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Use it to ollie, hit copping or as your general street board, this deck is truly excellent for all types of skating!