A great way to get that moist, seasoned chicken, you’’ll never want to cook a chicken any other way. Pour salad dressing and Worcestershire sauce over meat. Thai Basil Cooking Tips and Recipes, medicinal and nutritional facts, Vanilla with Cooking Tips and Recipes, Medicinal and Nutritional facts, Turmeric guide with Cooking Tips and Recipes with medical benefits, Star Anise Cooking Tips, Recipes, Medicinal and Nutritional Benefits. Turmeric informative guide with cooking tips and recipes. I’ve heard people debate on whether to rub in a dry spice mix to the meat or just it on? In the old days, if there was a reason for a barbecue, there was plenty of reason to cook up a whole hog—or several whole hogs. About us - Contact us - Privacy policy - Disclosure - Disclaimer. Web site designed by, S’Mores Dip Kit & Cast Iron Skillet – Heat sensitive. Toss until uniform. slow cooker. Makes 20 servings. Slow cooked pork shoulder rubbed with our seasoning blend then served with our Beer BBQ Sauce. Served in a burger bun or sliders with fries. Do you have a slow cooker pulled pork recipe that you use for this spice mix? You can check out our Pulled Pork recipe and our other great recipes on Youtube here. You choose your favourite fillings. Medical and nutritional benefits with this natural anti-inflammatory, mineral and vitamins content. Thank you for allowing the public to use this Great Recipe !!!! Dressed up the sandwich with brioche buns and bread and butter pickles! It’s a simple pork rub made with ingredients commonly found in most kitchens. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and apply thoroughly to the pork…it’s just that easy! Packaged in our original sealed pouches storage should be in cool (< 21 C or 70 F), dry (< 60% r.h.) area to provide a minimum shelf life without appreciable loss of flavour or functional characteristics. This basic, mild pork rub is perfect for any cut of meat you choose to smoke. Whoa Mamma! 22g/0.8 oz, S’Mores Dip Kit with 6.3 inch (16 cm) cast iron skillet filled with all the Chocolate morsels and small marshmallows to make a complete S’Mores Dip to enjoy and share. Try a mustard glaze on grilled pork chops, a roasted pork loin, or oven-baked ribs; or simply top a grilled pork chop with some whole-grain mustard. This rub has that earthy, smoky flavor of Chipotle peppers as well as some savory herbs that give it a great Southwestern twist. When smoking large cuts of pork you want to maximize the flavor. To use, sprinkle a 10 pound pork roast on all sides with 1/3 cup spice rub. Vital Choice-Your Trusted Source For The World's Finest Wild Seafood & Organic Fare - All With Free Shipping On Orders Over $99! This rub includes a touch of brown sugar which will provide a subtle sweet flavor that pairs really well with pork. This helps the rub stick better and adds a hint of mustard that is so good on smoked pork. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. This means working the rub—as much as the piece of pork will hold—into the meat. These could include, chilli powder, ground cumin, ground cayenne pepper, ground paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, ground black pepper and salt. It is cooked slowly for several hours. I think the best pulled pork rub has to have a good amount of both sweet and spicy. 31g/1.1oz. Preparation. Looking for a unique pork shoulder recipe? A perfect blend of whole cracked black peppercorns sweetened with maple sugar. They can be used together or try  different amounts of herbs and spices according to your taste. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This recipe makes about 2 cups of spice mix. Red Arrow is a registered Trade Mark of Kerry Group PLC. 15g/0.53 oz, Delicious on freshly popped corn tossed with a little melted butter, or sprinkle on freshly boiled corn on the cob with butter. Got up eeeaarrrrly to start the crock pot – but totally worth it. It looked gooood. Perfect for Sunday Afternoon Football. This means you can use your pork seasoning on: loin roast; sirloin; tenderloin (filet) shoulder; butt; ribs; pulled pork; We like to make a loin roast with stuffed garlic on Sundays which we roast in a large cast-iron dish. © 2020 Red Arrow USA. These seasonings generally come in a bottle or jar that  can fit into the spice rack in your kitchen. Vanilla has a delightful, aromatic fragrance and flavour. You can watch our video recipe, Pulled Pork Baked In The Oven, where we use this pork rub to add a lot of additional flavor to the pork shoulder / pulled pork by creating a crunchy “bark” exterior as it cooks low and slow. Classic slightly spicy taste a perfect balance of taste. This rub is similar to another one I tried. https://www.westviamidwest.com/basic-pork-seasoning-dry-rub-recipe Take your seasoning paste and pour all of it over the meat. What about the sauce on it. We used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar to give it a rich, deep & sweet flavor. May people say that this is their favorite pork seasoning to use for pulled pork! All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. Classic BBQ flavour; tender & juicy. means working the rub—as much as the piece of pork will hold—into the meat I only have light brown sugar. This rub is mostly garlic so, for you garlic lovers, this is a great recipe. 22g/0.8oz, One of our best seasonings in a re-closable jar. They get great reviews! This recipe makes about 2 cups of spice rub. Vanilla informative guide with cooking tips and recipe. But this barbecue rub adds a great dose of herbs that give the pork a more savory and subtle flavor, taking your pulled pork to the next level. This also makes it easier to add a thick coating of the rub if that is your goal. Add to it a good dose of brown sugar and you have that balance of flavor that is perfect for a long smoke. This recipe makes about 2 cups of spice mix. This moniker comes from a hugely successful marketing campaign in the 90’s and because of it’s low fat content. Slow cooked pork shoulder rubbed with our seasoning blend then served with our Beer BBQ Sauce. Inside this post we’ll share a recipe for our Flavor Bomb Pork Rub. Sprinkle with fajita seasoning and garlic powder. Star Anise informative guide with cooking tips and recipe. Christmas dinner I’m fixing for my family of boys.. To get started…pulled pork rub. Mix together all of the ingredients in a bowl. Then add the olive oil, honey and the vinegar. One of the biggest questions when cooking is:  How should I season this? I want to use this recipe for barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. The extra flavour of a stuffed Burger is worth the extra effort. We use 1/3 cup of spice to cover the outside of a 10 pound pork shoulder. You can make your own chili powder by grinding dried chilies in a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder. Try this Cuban Pernil…infused with garlic and citrus, then slow cooked to fork tender.