has been Gearbox-oil change (R1150RT, every 2 years) Oil change, rear wheel drive (R1150RT, every 2 years) Changing brake fluid in Integral ABS wheel circuit, front and rear (R1150RT) Change brake fluid in entire ABS control circuit (R1150RT) Checking clutch fluid level (R1150RT) Change the clutch fluid (R1150RT, every 4 years) Greasing side stand pivot (R1150RT) Tension Poly-V belt (R1150RT) Does the oil cover this ring. PS 3/01. See the detailed rating of touring capabilities, reliability, accident risk, etc. Improved comfort and outstanding agility leave nothing to be desired. MOTORRAD 5,8/01. API SJ Gear oil: 800 ML SAE 90 GL-5 Brake fluid: DOT 4 Final drive oil: 230 ML SAE 90 GL-5 Fuel: 21,0 LITER Coolant: LUFT-/ÖLGEKÜHLT Test reports and information. check out the. 1 pint between oil change intervals) normal on this bike? property of the respective owners. Checking Oil on R1150RT Ok, I am an idiot. If you are already a member of the BMW MOA, please log in to the forum in the upper right hand corner of this page. Bill’s garage: Oil change for the ’02 BMW R1150RT Posted on May 25, 2013 by Bill As you’ve seen, changing the oil and filter on a motorcycle is a relatively simple task that even a beginner can do. Download Oil Capacity - Briggs & Stratton Engines PDF for free. These bikes hold lot of oil. This is my first Oilhead and my first boxer so cut me a little slack. Is this correct or should it be to the top level of the site glass? if you wish to stay logged in. MO 11/07. 1 pint between oil change intervals) normal on this bike? Fuel capacity: 25.20 litres (6.66 gallons) Reserve fuel capacity: 4.00 litres (1.06 gallons) Other specifications; Color options: White, red, blue black: Comments: ABS brakes: Further information; Insurance costs: Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers. All the ideal features of a flat twin ´boxer´ are to be found in the R 1150 RT. If this is your first visit, be sure to then put it on the center stand and check it. Check Pages 1 - 8 of Oil Capacity - Briggs & Stratton Engines in the flip PDF version. now ya'all kiss and make up. Fork oil per rod: 470 ML SAE 10W Engine oil w/o filter: 3,5 L SAE 15W-50 Engine oil with filter: 3,75 L MIN. developed by low-cost software development company. Also, is slight oil consumption (approx. MSRP depend on country, taxes, accessories, etc. then put it on the center stand and check it. Also, is slight oil consumption (approx. The problem with this metheod, is that your going to get an artificially high oil level reading. Check "Remember Me?" This method drains the oil cooler some. Find more similar flip PDFs like Oil Capacity - Briggs & Stratton Engines. 100.0 Nm (10.2 kgf-m or 73.8 ft.lbs) @ 5500, 4.70 litres/100 km (21.3 km/l or 50.05 mpg). MO 3/01 9/05. ummmmmm...... i don't think so. The difference between the top of the sight glass and the bottom of the sight glass is a small amount. Welcome Guest! MOTORRAD 22/02. Compare with any other motorbike. Find used value: DAT GmbH. 845 mm (33.3 inches) If adjustable, highest setting. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive So what ever drains back from the cooler is now causing a misreading. Service Refill Capacity: 3.8* Litres (Includes oil filter) CASTROL ACTIV 4T 15W-50 best Castrol Activ 4T 15W-50 modern, high quality engine oil developed specifically for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. you want to know that amount of oil in the system- which would include whatever oil gets sent to the cooler once the engine is warmed up. I recently had it serviced and it came back in the middle level position. When viewing the site glass how far up should my oil level be? The oil view window has a red/orange ring arond the edge. Either my bike is sucking oil and an awful rate or I am grossly overfull because I don't see a top level and I just … Whenever faraway places beckon, follow your instinct: with the new BMW travel tourer. Finance options: Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers. on your bike, theres a method to use to get an accurate reading. that's not an "artifically" high reading- as you are only reading oil that is in the system, and nothing else.