2017-18. Typically, when fans and analysts are dissecting an upcoming free agent class, the offensive skillsets of the players are top of mind. What NBA Team Leads The League In Steals? Overall they rank inside the top ten in offensive efficiency but are a top-three team in points per game. Both of these teams are also not playing on the smaller side either with traditional big man centers, and bigger wings and guards than some of the average teams. This is a team that plays a bit small, but have an efficient center and also will move the ball and space the floor to help things out. The Bucks are an excellent group of players who bring it on both sides. Duncan Robinson has shown he can produce big games from his three-point shooting alone, which gives the Heat another dynamic for their offense. Defensive Rating DREB Defensive Rebounds DREB% Defensive Rebound Percentage % DREB Percent of Team's Defensive Rebounds STL Steals STL% Percent of Team's Steals BLK Blocks %BLK Percent of Team's Blocks OPP PTS OFF TOV Opponent Points Off Turnovers OPP PTS 2ND CHANCE Opponent 2nd Chance Points OPP PTS FB Opponent Fast Break Points OPP PTS PAINT The 6th overall pick from the 2013 draft has in many respects failed to live up to lofty expectations in his rookie season, but he has filled his role as an energy big off the bench with the Thunder. The Celtics have had strong defenses over the last few seasons, which is a specialty of Brad Stevens. We can generally point towards the points allowed and points scored being the most important stats a team can generate. Adding Gorgui Dieng from Minnesota over the offseason was also another big grab for this group, who gives them some depth at center and power forward. 2018-19 Player Stats: Advanced 2020-21 Player Stats: Advanced. Do you have a blog? Both Los Angeles teams are playing at a high rate, and both rank inside the top five in offensive efficiency. The Celtics are top five in defensive rating and are continuing to play at a high rate. 2016-17. Drafting Luka Doncic and trading for Kristaps Porzingis certainly help. If you can't remember all the way back to the regular season, you may have forgotten about Bradley, who filled a critical spot in the guard rotation of the Lakers prior to opting out of the season return. The same goes for Jakob Poltl, who has been a great big man. After joining the Heat just prior to the trade deadline in February, his impact on the Miami roster should have them wanting him to return, it will simply be a matter of cost. Adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George brings over two of the top wing defenders in the game. By using NBA sites, you are agreeing to our revised Privacy Policy<\/a> and Terms of Use<\/a>, including our Cookie Policy<\/a>"; So often the focus when looking at free agency is on the offensive end. All rights reserved. Chicago is averaging double-digit steals per game as they have a lot of defenders who will jump the lane and a few backcourt defenders that are strong. Despite losing Kawhi Leonard in the offseason, the Toronto Raptors remain one of the top defensive teams in the game. Montrezl Harrell comes off the bench but plays more starters minutes. In an era where the worth of 3&D players is at a premium and the overall offence in the league continues to surge, more emphasis on what upcoming free agents can do on the defensive side of the floor is valuable. Overall they are top ten in defensive efficiency, and they also slow down the pace. Typically, when fans and analysts are dissecting an upcoming free agent class, the offensive skillsets of the players are top of mind. Do you have a sports website? This helps them as they are creating a ton of steals and blocked shots. A couple of Eastern Conference teams, Orlando and Indiana have strong defensive numbers. On a struggling Chicago Bulls team, Kris Dunn is an interesting free agent in this year's class. Copyright © 2018 NBA. He has taken on a strong leadership role but has also been strong playing around 25 minutes a game. More teams pushing in transition and playing fast will also generate more turnovers. Drafting Brandon Clarke was a big steal for them, who has been showing his value coming off the bench this season. Check in on who is shooting the most threes in a season, and also who is making the most. What NBA Team Has The Highest Field Goal Percentage? Charlotte is at the bottom of the league in field goal percentage. Goran Dragic is an aged guard these days, but playing the sixth man role has worked out for this team, especially because they have had some injuries where he has needed to step into a starter’s role. Coming off a sizable contract originally signed with the Milwaukee Bucks, Tony Snell is a versatile defender with excellent length who can guard the 2-4 positions at 6-foot-6. The Miami Heat are having a strong year, and they are a very well rounded group of players. Flip through previous years to see who led what stats in the past, and see what teams rank where within their own conferences. While the exact date for the beginning of free agency is not yet known, it will be soon upon us, so let's take a look at some of the best defensive players in this year's group, including some under the rader value options. Overall they are averaging over 15 threes made a game, and hitting them at a high rate as well. No longer an All-Star caliber player, Howard would be a valuable role player on a contender if he doesn't return with the Lakers. What exactly is Hassan Whiteside's value? ); Rudy Gay also really figured out his role within the team once he moved to San Antonio. So it is no surprise to see that they also have the best record. While he did see 20 minutes of court time a night, Green's value defending is diminished in a team with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Montrezl Harrell soaking up major minutes at his preffered positions on the floor. Doc Rivers at the helm has always had top-notch defenses wherever he has coached. It breaks down the efficiency for us without having to dive into too much. If the Raptors enter the 2021 season with the backcourt of Kyle Lowry and VanVleet they could once again contend for home court in the first-round of the postseason, if they lose the latter it could force a short reset on their time at the top of the East. Joe Ingles and Bojan Bogdanovic are two of the most efficient shooters in the game which help out. Now if a team is scoring 115+ points a game, it certainly does them no good if they are allowing 119 points per game. Each NBA stat tells a story about how teams and players are performing. The Milwaukee Bucks have one of the ore dominant offenses in basketball right now. Overall names like Derrick White, Bryn Forbes, Dejounte Murray, and Patty Milles continue to chip in with scoring on most nights. Defensive leaders can show you who is ranking high in blocks and steals per game. Still athletic enough on the defensive end, Howard is a valuable asset against teams that have traditional big bodied big men. Coming off a monster contract intitially signed in Miami, Whiteside continues to be a maligned player around the league. The Clippers have this big edge, as they have a ton of depth, and a few of these names could be starting on other teams. After a breakout 2019 playoff run, VanVleet continued his surge as one of the more impressive two-way guards in the league, thriving in Nick Nurse's diverse defensive scheme. Adding Jae Crowder has been a solid move for them, as they got another wing who can help them out. Now, if you are going to try and claim those nicknames, you better be getting the job done on the defensive end. The team stats leaders give you an overall look at what teams are dominating in different categories from offense to defense. In a statement that many assumed would never happen after bouncing around multiple franchises: Dwight Howard is an NBA champion. Your Account; Logout; Login; Create Account; via Sports Logos.net. They are also a team that cleans up on the glass, which is always a big plus for defenses not giving up second-chance points. Stepping into the Milwaukee starting lineup for the departed Malcolm Brogdon, Wesley Matthews became the Bucks stopper on the wing. Overall they are also limiting field goal percentage against them as well. If you are playing fantasy basketball, find what teams are allowing more rebounds or allowing big three-point percentages to help out your team. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Lou Williams is one of the best sixth man shooters in the game today. The best rebounding team in the league is the Milwaukee Bucks, and they have the most rebounds in the game. The San Antonio Spurs might not be the team they used to be, but they have always had a lot of depth. This can be tied with pace and offensive style of course. 2019-20. We have seen this be a difference-maker late in the year, especially come playoff time. They are excellent on the glass and are also one of the top field goal percentage teams as they often get a ton of good looks within their games.