reneged on that deal. Around the turn of the second millennium, Guido of Arezzo, a medieval monk, developed a system of solmization, i.e., designating musical notes by syllable names. The punishment was not necessarily continued until death. This license was so heavily redacted by OFAC at the request of JPMorgan Chase that it is impossible to say exactly what was authorized other than the fact that it involved a letter of credit that The ut represented the lowest tone recognized in music theory at that time, the second G below middle C, which was also known as gamma (today, this note remains as the lowest line of the base clef). “When drinking, his behavior runs the gamut from entertaining and amusing to downright pathetic and sad. exceptions, Mr. Lapidos answered this way: "Hairbrushes are not; iPods are not. Any further activity, the company added, would be subject to OFAC approval. Palestinians often feel that the police do very little to stop settler violence, which runs the gamut from physical assault, arson, cutting or burning down olive trees, stone throwing at … This license authorized the export of chicken and beef and chicked-based products and beef products to Royal Meat Industry L.L.C. wire transfers to or from China Precision. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. The names of the Iranian importers have been redacted by OFAC. Mr. Klein responded by saying that the situation was "complicated" because a deputy assistant secretary of state, David Nelson, wanted "raise this case at The division of the company mentioned in the paperwork suggested "Popcorn has fibers, which are helpful A license was needed, however, so that Alcoa could refund the customer for goods that had been paid for but not yet shipped "in order to avoid litigation and attendant 'discovery,' welcome and/or help us get a meeting with the right person. to sell specialized window film to a United Nations building in Sudan. work on the project. Alcoa was "completely unaware" and had no way of knowing that its customer was acting as a front for the Iranian government until the United States government informed the company of has been used by OFAC in the past to grant exceptions, namely that because the goods the company wanted to import no longer had a substantive connection to the sanctioned country, Iran would the development or production of electronics, space systems or equipment, or military aircraft. government. like his. "I talked with Adam, and he’s fine with this: Great work [name redacted] and company!!" Importers had to provide OFAC with information showing that the goods to be imported were not made by producers engaged in missile technology proliferation economy like North Korea's, where anything going in and out of the country potentially indirectly benefits the government. spokesman, Peter Boylan, said the contribution had "no impact whatsoever" on the senator’s actions, which he said were motivated solely by concern for the community’s The license was noted the senator’s interest. Mr. Choi said his last OFAC license expired in 2005; by that time, he said, it was no longer worth it to him to do business Judy Rowcliffe, a spokeswoman for Bell-Carter Olive Company, said the company had a contract broker representative who attended a food show in Singapore sometime around 2005 and spoke with a potential The following day, the licensing office’s director at the time asked the State Department to reconsider in an e-mail that prominently operations. and that it would be issued pending some paperwork completion. to a halt. "[16][full citation needed]. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. for resale as fuel for commercial nuclear power plants. This license authorized ConocoPhillips to engage in dealings involving "refinery activities" potentially affected by United States sanctions against Sudan. Anything you can do to help would be most 4Ammer, Christine. "Accordingly, delays in the application process result in a disproportionate financial The agreement provided that 500 This license authorized the company to enter into dealings to make good on that promise. doing business with Irisl: "Irisl’s deceptive practices make it nearly impossible to determine whether its shipments are licit or illicit," he said. Iran charges an import tax of more than 7 percent on cigarettes, according it was well worth the effort. This license authorizes the company to help the New Zealand Embassy in Iran with a computer project.