How Does Your Income Affect the Decision to Buy a Term Plan. Reyka is a product of Iceland that was introduced in the year 2005 by its manufacturers William Grant & Sons. Stoli has held the bar high for vodka from 1938, and it hasn’t relented yet. Svedka is a Swedish origin vodka brand that was launched in the year 1998 by Guillaume Cuvelier with its distillery at Linkoping in Sweden. Its range of flavors are definitely what everyone who drinks should experience at least once. It is a vodka brand from Ukraine that has produced an excellent product for the world that is silky, light and smooth. The brand has been the recipient of Gold Medal for its Khortytsa Classic and Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot at Drinks International Vodka Challenge 2008 at San Francisco and London respectively. Cocktails named after New York City boroughs, Cocktails with wine, sparkling wine, or port,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 23:02. The vodka is made at Rampur distillery and has several products and six different variants chocolate, ginger & lemongrass, lemon, strawberry, orange, and green apple to its name. Since the year 2008, it operates as a product line of its parent company Pernod Ricard and is easily available in one hundred and twenty-six countries of the world. A distilled spirit, it is most commonly made from grains or potatoes. Khortytsa vodka brand is on the path of continuous and rapid growth with its sales figures for the first time crossing 8 million marks at 8.1 million cases sold at the end of the fiscal year 2017. Medoff is a vodka brand known for its superior smoothness, purity of flavor and velvet taste which is achieved by a distinctive filtration technology involving the use of honey. Smirnoff was nominated in “Marketing Campaign of the Year” category in the year 2017. Khortytsa is a Ukrainian origin vodka brand that was founded in the year 2003 at Ukraine. November 30, 2019 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing articles. Shop for the best Vodka brands and select from a wide variey of products from Currently, it is a product line of its parent company Diageo and is easily available in more than one hundred and thirty countries. From the 17th Century manor where it was created to its distinctive bottle art with the geese. vodka (1) Country. Smirnoff is a Russian origin vodka brand that was introduced in the year 1860s in Moscow by its founder Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov. Smirnoff is the widest sold liquor, distributed in 130 countries around the world. Belvedere is a polish vodka brand that has a very collective mindset; the Belvedere red limited edition bottles support the Global Fund that helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Your email address will not be published. It is the leading vodka seller in its home country. Smirnoff managed to sell his vodka to Tsar. Its product portfolio includes Medoff Classic Vodka, Medoff Cayenne Flavoured Vodka, Medoff Original Vodka, and Medoff Platinum Vodka. Currently, it is produced by its French parent company Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits. Its rich and full-bodied with a hint of the distilled grain and dried fruit. Country of Origin: United States of America. Currently, it is owned by its parent company Roust Group and has key markets in forty countries including places like United States, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, and France besides its homeland Poland. Ageless Beauty – 5 Beauty Hacks for 50+ Women. It has been awarded several awards and accolades like a first silver medal in the year 1962, Gold Medal in years 1966 and 1971 and since then has received nearly thirty-eight awards and medals in the beverage industry. Read about her 7 Best…. Top 20 Most Beautiful Tollywood Actresses, Ratan Tata to Akshay Kumar: Know the Donations Collected For COVID-19, Coronavirus Updates (LIVE) – Covid-19 Tracker, 20 Most Influential Women in World History, Biggest Product Flops of all time: 9 stories, Best movies of Rajesh Khanna: 12 Must Watch, Best Video Editing Software: 9 Tools for Beginners, How Does Your Income Affect the Decision to Buy a Term….