The in-room shipping option is equivalent to ‘white glove shipping' options from other companies. The Mello was … I can only speak for the Sven which we LOVE. There's a saying that you really need to sit on a couch to know if it's right for you. TIMBER ALLLLLL THE WAY. I still love that couch and even got a second blue velvet couch in our new place! Our delivery team does more than move furniture - they’re here to support customers and make the process of buying, selling and moving furniture easy. They have a huge selection of couches and chairs and are slowly expanding into bedroom, decor and outdoor furniture. It looks similar to what you bought in quality._ no leather underneath, cushions, etc. I’m wanting this sectional for my next house I’m just wondering how ‘long’ both sides are? Last week we said goodbye to our four-legged BFF, Happy Halloween from our little deer! #Joy, How many of you are in the middle of a remodel rig, Was feelin all the fall vibes today and planned on, Remember last year when my fall decor was all disp, Blanket Ladder Plans + Dimensions Worksheet, 10 Lessons I Learned in My First Year of Blogging, How To Cleanup Spills, Remove Stains & Condition Furniture With Leather Oil. My answer is always, “Absolutely yes!” Several of my close friends have gone on to purchase tables, sofas, and chairs from Article. I am trying to compare by what I can find to read on these two couches. Our old sectional was constantly coming apart and almost impossible to attach, but we won’t ever have that problem with this one. As leather ages, it earns a natural patina. The place where the two pieces connect has great, easy to attach fasteners that hold everything in place. How to Dress a Bed as Luxuriously as a 5 Star Hotel, Small Apartment Entryways: 4 Decorating Ideas, Storage Hack: Saving Space When You Don't Have a Pantry. Looking at pictures of the products in different homes and settings helped me make decisions regarding the pieces we’ve picked over the years for our home. even if it had a better footprint for your great room. They are able to offer high end products at affordable prices because they don’t have any showrooms or stores. The rug is really, really soft. I did my homework i thought. I leaned over the island and looked at them right in their big blue eyes and said “Listen, this couch cost more than our cars, so I need y’all to take care of it. I can’t help but notice that there is no TV in this living area, which makes me doubt that this couch is used that frequently. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. And we’re the faces behind Joyfully Growing Blog! But don’t worry, most spill don’t result in any permanent damage. That’s probably my only complaint. To keep the leather in good condition, you will need to apply leather oil. The tufted seats and color are gorgeous, and in the world of sleeper sofa design it’s a 10. I hope this Article Sven sofa review has provided you with helpful information. Can't stop, won't stop with the plywood! It is super light, so if you have guys that like to wrestle it makes it crazy easy for them to rearrange the furniture. When it's just us, we use the ottoman to make the sofa an ‘L' shape so we can fully relax. It ‘s dispensing very Classy and vintage look because of Timber and Leather, Imagine how it would look if we add some technological advancement in this home and make it modern as well. How has yours held up so far? The Timber looks SO much better. I know its worth it but i ‘ve been shopping for 6 months and have come to the conclusion I’m goi g to be spending pretty close to what you spent. How can I get 50% off on a sectional they offer? Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Since the couch is one piece (the seat cushions are not removable or reversible), you wouldn't want to spill anything on it. I thought that the lightest color was what I wanted, but after looking around my house and realizing how much orange we have going in (orangy wood beams, ceiling, doors, future wood floors) I thought that the middle color would stand out a bit more and give it more of a layered look. The Sven leather sofa will surely last for years (or decades) and serve as a comfortable spot when you need to relax. Together, the living room is exactly how we envisioned! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I share that to say – if I recommend it to my closest friends its a pretty good sign I am a fan! If you're looking for mid century style at an affordable price, Article is a great option. Hi Ashley, We are thinking of purchasing from Article (fabric not leather) but have seen some troubling reviews about the longevity of the pieces .. That's a huge pain, especially when you're excited to get your space furnished right away. It just does, but it honestly still looks amazing. It looks a bit like the white knit sweaters I wear on repeat in winter :). During the first year of owning this couch, you’re correct, it didn’t get a TON of use. I expected it to feel thin, but the fibers are really soft and it's a dream to walk on. That being said there are some things you should know beforehand or you might be surprised when your sofa arrives. If anything they get more comfortable with time. Add on even more time if you spring for a custom fabric. After cleaning up a spill or stain with water and/or a leather cleaner like Otter Wax Saddle Soap, make sure to always condition the furniture with oil to rejuvenate leather and prevent future stains (see our recommendation or leather oil in the next section). A great solution for having cool/unique and trendy seating in tighter spaces. Because saying the sectional is pretty and I love it is actually a pretty terrible review. Oh, price. Hi Annie, great point! Feel free to share! I like them both and I’m kind of curious why this couch, Nirvana, has not received as much attention. If I had one complaint about the couch, it’s that it is a little small for our living room. Being that it’s so short and sits right on the floor, the Mello sort of looked like it was missing its legs! Hi Ashley! The sofa is firm, but not too firm. As they walked away I saw them slide their fingers gently over the leather, like they were touching the freaking Mona Lisa. Solae Sofa Review. I bought my first good leather sectional 15 years ago when my youngest child was 3. I refuse to be the woman who returns two couches. If you are used to furniture arriving in a million pieces with instructions that need instructions for how to read them – all this is a very nice surprise! The key to preventing stains and making cleanup easy is applying leather oil BEFORE the spill! You can read all about their shipping policies and options here: Article Shipping & Delivery. Are they the exact length and just meet in the triangle section? This is our first piece leather furniture and I definitely prefer it over fabric, though sometimes it feels a bit cold and I sit on a blanket instead of directly on the leather. Both are great though and you can’t go wrong. I was wondering how the couch has aged. The biggest negative that you see online about Article is that the cushions give out early and don’t age well. Keeping up on applying oil to the leather also helps to prevent scratches and scuffs. It depends on my day and my mood! When it comes to questions online there are three things I get asked quite often about: adoption, traveling to China, and do I really like my Article furniture… My minivan is 15 years old with 180,000 miles, but it’s a Honda and refuses to quit. I buy most of our furniture online (we live in a very rural area) and am looking forward to using Article in the future. About two weeks later the new couch arrives. Hugely better! There is not a single week that we do not have extra people at our house at some point. Glad you like your final pick, you made the right choice! So beautiful. We're sorry to hear you've had some troubles with your Solae sofa. Sorry ok not much help, but I’d say either one would be a beautiful addition to your space. It has fabric underneath, and where cushions meet the is a triangle of extra leather (so you don’t see fabric where the cushions meet).