Check out: ‘Danny Says’, Billboard have suggested that Bruce Dickinson earned his nickname, “The Air Raid Siren”, due to “the ferocious power of his singing”. STEVE PERRY SHOULD BE ON MOUNT RUSHMORE !!! It’s an indefinable quality which has been a feature of The Cure’s bleak masterpieces such as Faith, Pornography and the towering Disintegration, but also their string of solid-gold pop hits including ‘Close To Me’ ‘Lovesong’ and ‘The Lovecats’. He has been married to Eugenia Crafton since January 18, 1987. Born in 1965 in the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik, the daughter of Gudmundur Gunnarsson (an electrician) and Hildur Hauksdóttir who divorced before her second birthday, Björk grew up in a hippie-type community with her mother and her seven siblings. She was previously married to Kendu Isaacs. However, he also has ... Sir Elton John is one of pop music's great survivors. Arguably the most contentious of inclusions in this list of the best male rock singers of all time, The Fall’s late frontman will no doubt polarise opinion here as his band did in life. His singing voice is broadly a tenor, but he has a unique timbre and his falsetto has an eerie, androgynous quality which has been widely-praised and often imitated – but never bettered. A more versatile adaptable voice does not exist. They have one child. The list is not headed as best frontman or singer/songwriter? A band’s got a head start if their frontman has range, power, articulation and technical control, but to be truly iconic they also need to break boundaries, move us emotionally and possess an indefinable charisma which puts them in a class of their own. The fact that Brad Delp is not on this list and not in the top 5 of this list invalidates it completely.

They have two children. Her mother's name's Georgia and she has two brothers: Chad and Wade (Alanis' Twin).

Gregg Allman was born on December 8, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA as Gregory Lenoir Allman. She was previously married to Carlos Scola. That ... Janis Lyn Joplin was born at St. Mary's Hospital in the oil-refining town of Port Arthur, Texas, near the border with Louisiana.

From powerhouse belters to multi-octave vocalists with mind-boggling versatility, the best male rock singers have left their mark on music history. Eric Burdon? However, he also had a sweet and mellow mid-range and could also handle ballads such as the haunting ‘Simple Man’ with real aplomb. His violent lyricism and intensely theatrical stage performances with The Birthday Party first set him apart, and he’s since morphed into one of rock’s most consummate performers. She has been married to Tetoo since April 4, 1993. Many would argue that his “classic” deeper delivery was in place by the time of 1991’s Black Album, and he’s maintained his high standard ever since, again sounding fresh and reinvigorated on the band’s latest landmark release, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. Check out: ‘Under The Bridge’, Nobody dares disagree that Bob Dylan is one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of them all, but as a vocalist he arguably represents the largest jar of Marmite known to rock. If forced to choose just one performance, you might go for the provocative and truly captivating ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, but the times when Mick Jagger hasn’t delivered satisfaction are few and far between.

She has been married to Rohan Gavin since 2010. In the meantime, uDiscover Music will try to determine the 100 best male rock singers of all time. Check out: ‘That’ll Be The Day’, Controversy has always followed Jerry Lee Lewis, so much so that everything from his manic piano-playing to his legendary hell-raising has often obscured the fact that the self-styled Killer is a vocalist of range, nuance and distinction. Céline was born in 1968, the youngest of 14 children. Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York City to musician Shelly Loraine Fidler Kearns and U.S. Army sergeant Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera Monge.

Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Contrary to anything you’ve heard, the ability to actually carry a tune is in no regard a disability in becoming a rock & roll singer, only a mild disadvantage. Check out: ‘Next’, Though perhaps limited in terms of technical ability, The Cure’s Robert Smith nonetheless has one of the most distinctive voices in alt.rock. Best of the Purple singers, especially live and his vocals on Captain Beyond was an additional instrument. Her father was a cannery worker and her mother was a registrar for a business college. So Layne Staley who should be number one isn’t even on the list? Klaus Meine? What no colin hay from men at work who wrote this list one of oz best singers and guitars of the 80s. He has an... Neil Young is one of the most respected and prolific rock/folk guitarists of the late 20th century. Very stupid list. ... Sam Cooke was born January 22, 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Strong, soulful and animated, Roth’s versatile voice has a dark, chesty tone akin to Ian Gillan and he can belt it out with the very best of them.

Elvis Presley is #8? Cyndi Lauper was born on June 22, 1953 in Ozone Park, Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper. He was previously married to Kathryn Walker and Carly Simon. These lists will include: Top 15 Keyboardists/Pianists, Top 25 Bassists, Top 25 Drummers, Top 50 Vocalists/Frontmen, Top 100 Guitarists. He died on January 13, 1979 in New York City, New York, USA.

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Hip-hop emcee and R&B songwriter Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott has become one of the most esteemed figures in contemporary American music, providing material for artists including MC Lyte, Adina Howard, and Jodeci, as well as working as an arranger, producer, talent ... Paula Abdul grew up in the San Fernando Valley, California. He can shout, he can whisper and he can transform his voice so much that you would swear it was a different singer.