Hopefully you will use this lesson to educate yourself about the different kinds of strings out there and maybe even use some of the different types of strings that you learn about to experiment with your own personal guitar tone. Washing your hands before playing will help prevent string oxidation. Before the speakers and pedals, before the amp and even before the pickups, there are the strings, impacting everything that comes after them in line. Ball end nylon strings have a plastic or metal bead or ball on the end that lets you avoid the tying process when changing strings on your nylon string guitar. If they feel slick and clean you are good to go. Because of their flat surface, they can also be easier on the fingers. Ernie Ball's Paradigm Strings are designed for durability, with an increased tensile strength up to 37% with up to 70% more fatigue strength than a traditional string set. New strings may solve that problem. Electric String Gauges - Electric guitar string gauges usually range from .008 - .013. As we discussed above, lighter strings are easier to play. new destination. Nickel-Plated - Nickel-plated strings are probably the most common type of electric guitar string in use today. One of the most important things to look at when choosing strings is the material, just like with an acoustic guitar. Keep a clean cloth handy and wipe down your strings after every playing session to prolong their life. Gauge refers to the thickness of the string. Categories, More Ways to Plain strings in RPS sets last longer and stay in tune better than conventional plain strings. All of these pieces combine to produce the type of sound that the different kinds of strings can make. Check out our Acoustic Guitar String Buying Guide. This lesson is designed to give you all of the basic information that you need to know about different types of acoustic and electric guitar strings. First of all, wash your hands every time before picking up your guitar to play. — Are preferred for low tunings such as Drop D, Drop A, etc. It looks as though there’s not a whole lot to a guitar string, but all the individual components come together to create the lifeblood of your sound. humidity and the residue left behind by your hands can speed the process, - "Light-Regular:" .009/.011/.016/.026/.036/.046, - "Regular Heavy:" .010/.013/.017/.032/.042/.052. Windings go around the core to create larger, wound strings. At normal string tension, this "slack" wire loop is taut and unbent, and the ball end is prevented from completely abutting the bridge plate. - You are having trouble staying in tune. Our Gear Advisers are available restrictions. The Musician's Friend Team is dedicated to delivering musical instrument and pro audio industry news, performances, interviews, product reviews and more. You can’t remember the last time you changed strings. In the fight against corrosion, some string brands opt to coat their products... 3. Do your strings sound dull? The table below lists the typical string gauges found in the most popular packs of electric guitar strings. Our friends at Fender walk you through the step-by-step process of changing strings on an electric guitar. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Make the sound alive again by changing strings. The two main types of electric guitar strings have windings made from nickel/steel alloy or pure stainless steel. Ernie Ball Slinky Electric Guitar Strings. How much you play has a lot to do with how often you should change your strings. Coated Strings - Coated stings are treated with some kind of webbing or “coating” that prevents the string from oxidizing, corroding and getting dirty. A nickel/steel alloy string has a slightly more subdued sound than pure steel string, with steel typically being brighter. These materials expanded just about every tonal aspect of the guitar. Fender offers strings with ball ends and Bullet ends. The best electric guitar strings to buy now 1. All electric guitar strings are made using steel, nickel, or other magnetically conductive metal alloys since they’re essential for transmitting string vibrations to the magnetic pickups. The Steel strings are the most common, and comfortable to play. The two basic cores are round and hex. Typically, the heaviest acoustic strings that you will see will be medium or .013 gauge. Nickel-Plated - Nickel-plated strings are probably the most common type of electric guitar string in use today. Use some string cleaner with a special wipe, or simply a polish cloth, to keep things properly maintained. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Shop Electric Guitar Strings Made in USA below or view results from all countries. The core is the center of the string. Nickel is a bit softer than steel so nickel or nickel-plated strings won’t wear your frets out as quickly as stainless steel strings will. That is why flatwounds are generally used for jazz some kinds of blues music. They also last a long time and stay bright due to stainless steels inherent ability to resist corrosion. These metals are used for electric guitar strings because the metals are ferromagnetic, which means that their vibrations will be detected and transmitted by a magnetic pickup. An electric guitar is a guitar that requires external amplification in order to be heard at typical performance volumes. Unfortunately, there is no stock answer for how often you should restring your guitar, but here are a number of factors that would shorten the life of your strings: The Planet Waves Pro-Winder with a built-in cutter makes for fast, easy string changes. Elixir Optiweb Electric Guitar Strings. Cobalt Slinkys are also soft and silky to the touch, making string bending a breeze. Ball vs. You can also use our useful compare tool on our website to compare any of our electric guitar string products. Flatwound, which are favored by many jazz players, tend to have a smoother playing feel and darker tone. Another factor to consider when choosing strings is the frequency with which you play. Below are the common materials used for wound strings in Fender's lineup: String cores are also made of steel in most cases. String wraps are unwinding, exposing the core. Factors to Consider When Shopping for Electric Guitar Strings Music wire is hexagonal, as the edges give the outer wrap wire something to grab. Ernie Ball coated Slinky guitar strings maintain the feel and sound of uncoated sets, combining the added protection with the vibrant tone Ernie Ball customers have relied on for over 50 years. Are the shiny and glossy looking or do they look dull, tarnished and like someone just ate off of your fretboard. We’ll clear the confusion and help you understand the world of guitar strings. 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