The pet trade is injurious to these snakes, but more from habitat destruction than from loss of individual animals … ... will ensure California's animals get the care they need. Some animals in the Yosemite Valley include bobcats, mountain lions, ring-tailed cats, the Steller's jay, California ground squirrels and the American black bear. Interactions between mountain lions and humans negatively impact both. The state is home to numerous mountain … The eastern foothills of this mountain range experience desert-like weather, while the peaks experience arctic-like conditions that cause … Mountain Lion and Human Interaction. Animals that inhabit the Sierra Bioregion include lodgepole chipmunk, mountain beaver, California mountain king snake, black bear, wolverine, California big horn sheep, Pacific fisher, mule deer, and mountain lion. Lake Tahoe [ edit ] In terms of volume, the largest lake in California is Lake Tahoe , located on the California… The California … ANIMAL RESCUE: Oakland Zoo takes in 2 more orphaned mountain lion cubs rescued from Northern California wildfire. The passage of the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990 (Proposition 117) by California voters established that mountain lions are a "specially protected mammal" in California. On the other hand, humans kill mountain … On one hand, the cats will sometimes attack livestock, and even humans. Mountain range is the largest and easternmost range in California. It is unlawful to possess, transport, import or sell any mountain … California's mountains include many of the highest peaks in the country, including Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States. The primary threat to the California Mountain King Snake is habitat loss from large-scale development, which drains the moist habitats they require.