Image Source . The White Tiger of the West. In the North, the mythological creature in the Black Tortoise, and its seven mansions are the Dipper, Ox, Girl, Emptiness, Rooftop, Encampment and Wall. Court of the Yellow Dragon - A Court of silence and reflection, the Yellow Dragon frequently takes ascends to power after another Court has concluded its business. White Buffalo is an Elder Spirit amongst the Animal Totems, for she was with Wakan Tanka at the creating of Earth Mother and placed in the West to hold back the tides. So far, this has shown to be true with only two exceptions. The White Tiger of the West is the third sign of Chinese constellations as utilized in astrology. Court of the White Tiger - Predisposed toward martial prowess, the White Tiger focuses on honor - a finicky emotion whose definition shifts from courtier to courtier. The Tommy summoned and controlled the Zord with his talking saber, Saba. So far, this has shown to be true with only two exceptions. In the novel Shuo Tang Yanyi (Tales of Tang Dynasty), the reincarnation of White Tiger's Star is said to be Li Shimin's general Luo Cheng and the reincarnation of Azure Dragon's Star is said to be the rebellious general Dan Xiongxin. The White Tigerzord, also known as the White Tiger Thunderzord, or simply Tigerzord, is the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's original Zord. Her Wisdom is forged in watching, ever vigilent, the progression of the two-leggeds. Because the color white of the Chinese five elements also represents the west, the white tiger thus became a mythological guardian of the west. According to Zordon, White Ranger powers are made from the light of goodness and can never be corrupted by evil. White Tiger West Autumn White Metal Young yin Jokushū Black Tortoise North Winter Black Water Old yin Genmei Yellow Dragon or Qilin Central Midsummer … It stands for the West as well as the period of Autumn.