It has drain holes for preventing stagnant water and creates air space that helps to promote root growth of the tomato plants. It has drain holes for draining the excess water and creating open spaces in the soil. Moreover, it has lead-free electrostatic paint that protects the container from heat as well as rust. It is also available in Yellow color (Check Amazon to view the yellow-colored hanging basket). There is no certain size for homemade planters. Planters type is very important to measure the growing performance of your container tomatoes. I don’t particularly like yard work, so I’ve actually been quite content with my shortcomings with plant life. If you have a large size of unused or wastage containers at your home, you can... 2. But it has air pruning features that prevent the roots from circling and promote the growth of roots by producing more root tips and branches. The length of this planter is 24 inches. I think your answer will be ceramic or clay. Original Big Bag Bed has 50 inches opening diameter and 12 inches height. Self-watering planters benefit you more if you have a busy schedule. But keep in mind to avoid transparent or black color containers. In A Rush? So, if you want to grow healthy tomatoes, you should know the followings before growing tomatoes in containers-. Besides, they are easily breakable and difficult to move more often. Sounds great, right? We planted … It is reusable and easy to install. It is one of the. So, it is not a problem anymore if you don’t have enough space in your garden. This planter is made of distressed oak that is coated with epoxy resins. For medium, to larger tomato plants you need bigger and heavier planters. And the strong tower of these planters supports the heavy yielding tomato plants and prevents the plants from falling with fruits. Also, the top of this planter can be used for growing herbs. Here is the Bloem Lucca Self Watering Hanging Basket for you. So, purchase this self-watering, UV resistant resin plastic bed for planting tomatoes. Smart Pot Soft-Sided Container Grow Bag. Hydrofarm GCTT Tomato Planter is for you. It is made of polypropylene thermoplastic, and you know it is one of the lightest and hardest plastic. The entire barrel tie with three antique pewter colored bands that increase the beauty as well as durability. It is also made of BPA-free polypropylene thermoplastic. Isn’t it deep enough for the root development of tomatoes? This planter has 13.5 inches opening diameter and 8 inches depth. The Earth Brown Garden Bed has 24 inches length,20 inches width, and 9 inches height. Let’s see what the differences among these are. Also, this planter is washable and reusable. Just unfold, fill the potting mix, and plant your tomatoes. Drainage holes help the soil to drain away the excess water and casters help the bed to be rolled for controls weeds, mobility, and sun-tracking. It is made of pest resistance cedar wood and has a natural wood finish. Some planters have a built-in plant support system. It is also available in Yellow color (, Check Amazon to view the yellow-colored hanging basket, 3.Amagabeli Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner. It is available in 3 sizes, Original, Junior, and Mini. Love gardening or wish to? Buy this best patio planter for your tomatoes that also fits in small backyards. Wooden planters have excellent drainage, good air circulation and protect your potting soil from overheat. Tomato is the most versatile vegetable. That’s why you need the best tomato planter for growing bigger juicy tomatoes without facing any problem. The root circling is the main drawback of container gardening.